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How Important is Style ?

Majella The Stylery Co Headshot

Does this sound like you? Wake up, look in wardrobe, and even though you couldn’t fit another thing in it, there is absolutely nothing that you want to wear.

This situation is not a frivolous one. Today’s working environment can be perilous with unspoken fashion rules and days with different dress codes. If ‘Friday casual’ or ‘corporate cocktail’ makes you nervous, I completely understand (I actually don’t get corporate cocktail at all).

So if you can relate, maybe you want the same things I do ?

I want the way I dress to make me feel good and look good, no matter my weight, age or body type. But I don’t want to look like my 20-something daughter or join the ranks of the ‘Millers Uniform’ before my time. When I meet with a new client or attend a meeting, I don’t want to be thinking about my clothes, the way they fit or whether they are appropriate, I want to be able to concentrate on the meeting, why I am there and giving the best possible outcome for my customers.

So I met with the lovely Majella from The Stylery Co. to talk about what a Stylist actually does and whether she could help!

I discovered that her business is about far more than being a slave to fashion or having us all run about like the cast of ‘Ab Fab’. Her philosophy about style for women was beautiful, she said;

“I understand the power of marrying your identity and your outfit so they align because when you tap into the true essence of you and communicate that to the world, it’s powerful.”

Over a coffee our conversation progressed and I began to understand what a stylist actually does.  It’s not about squeezing you into clothes that you feel terrible in or making stylist mini-me’s by pushing their choices onto you, what they do is help you allow yourself to feel good, by looking good.

Two Quick Tips from Majella

  •         The fastest way to amp up your style or look more dress up is to add a bold lip. This will make your eyes pop, make you look more awake, enhance your skin tone and up the sophistication level. And it only takes 30 seconds to apply. Red is the obvious choice, but also consider a rich plum, hot pink or tangerine orange to take you from drab to fab!
  •         Avoid wearing black too close to your face as it will drain you, make you appear tired and reflect back into any wrinkles or skin folds. Of course you can still wear it, but choose a lower neckline or something bright around your neck (necklace/scarf).

If you want to learn more, I’ve invited Majella to speak at my Meetup – Busy Women Network which is on next Thursday 3rd, tickets are still available, detailshere.

Or if you’re ready to make a change right now, check out The Stylery Co for information about wardrobe detoxing, shopping sessions and a full outfit catalogue designed just for you to get every morning off to a stylish and stress-free start.

This post was originally published on LinkedIn

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