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When “DIY” is not the best option

Sticker Fail


Ever heard the saying ‘practice what you preach’ ?

Well last week I didn’t and this is a photo of my epic window decal fail.

You see I just moved office, and because of the Lease’s timing I opted to go straight into the space and finish some of the fit out, after I moved in.

It was about that time that a well known printing company’s email landed in my inbox and I noticed that they did ‘window decals’.  So I thought, rather than getting a professional out to do my glass signage I could run with one of those.

“It’ll be fine” I told myself.

“You’ll save money” I told myself.

So the picture doesn’t show the true extent of how bad this was.  My somewhat naive thought process was because I had covered hundreds of school books with contact, throughout my children’s lives (okay not hundreds, but it felt like it), that I was more than well equipped to handle this little task.

Fast forward 30 minutes of trying to squeegee out the air bubbles and I pulled it down.

So I wasted like 20 bucks and 30 minutes of my life and decided to hire a pro. No big deal. But on the big ticket items, not getting the right advice or product can literally cost you thousands and waste much, much more of your valuable time.

A great example of this is the finance and lending space (which just happens to be my space).  Sure you can ring your bank and it will be pleasant and probably an easy experience.  Not much different to me ordering the sticker on line and uploading my logo.

But, who is the person at your bank working for, you or the company that pays their wage ?

And would they tell you if you were actually better suited to a competitor’s product especially when ‘upselling you’ is one of their KPI’s ?

I’m sure the online chat lady that I spoke (typed) to, about my logo resolution didn’t even consider telling me how cheap and inferior the product would look or how hard it was to install. I wanted a sticker right, it wasn’t her job to ‘explore my options’ it was $20.

This week I’ve spoken to a signage company and we’ve come up with a solution that is not only going to look good, but is well within my budget and they even suggested a style that I hadn’t even thought of.  I honestly could have done it all before I moved it – if I’d checked out what was available.

You should consider applying that thought to your mortgage.  The owner occupied lending space is soooo competitive at the moment, (which is excellent news for you ! ), lenders are bending over backwards to get your business, so you should take advantage.

Banks are not known for their generosity so if they are handing out the discounts you may as well grab one for yourself.

Get in touch with me at samantha@thriveinvestor.com.au or 07 3103 1450

P.S In some cases you don’t even have to change banks to get a rate reduction and I can do it for you 😉


Samantha is the Director of Thrive Investment Finance.  She started Thrive to share her specialist expertise and passion for finance. She works with everyday people – mums and dads, small business owners, health workers, administrators, tradies, teachers – people like you and me. People with no specialist expertise in finance who want to create a secure future without missing out on life today.



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