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You’ve worked hard, steadily built up some savings, got a mortgage – now isn’t it time your money worked as hard for you? Taking your financial future that extra step can be enormously rewarding, but building your wealth takes specialist knowledge and an investment of time that might seem daunting. After all, along with the progress you’ve made has come another set of commitments: family, friends, career and social life. Who wants to give those up?

Fortunately, with a little help, plotting the right course can take little time to achieve big progress. Because I am a skilled navigator of the financial world, I can help you to put together the sort of wealth-building set-up that a financial expert would have – only without you needing to know your way around the money industry yourself. I use my skills, accreditations and industry contacts to bring together the products that are just right for your own situation and goals – creating a situation where you can get on with life while your money works hard for you.

I don’t just do finance. Organising your other wealth team members is all part of our concierge service 

If  you don’t already have the accountant, solicitor or financial planner you need, you don’t have to go in blind. My years in the industry mean I have built up a substantial network of trusted contacts, so you get to be in the know. Getting the help of an industry insider at Thrive Investment Finance has its perks!

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Did you always want to be one of those people who, seemingly effortlessly, build their future wealth through investment property – all without missing out on enjoying life now? That sort of situation is not only for the super-rich. My clients are regular people, in all kinds of jobs, but they have used specialist practices and inside knowledge that is normally limited to property investment finance experts. They have become owners of commercial and residential investment properties that perfectly match their financial goals, without sacrificing their current lifestyles. With a helping hand, you could join them.

Of course, any investment needs to fit with your existing portfolio, so as part of the service, my gift to my clients is to review all lending – even non-investment lending – to make sure that you will never be stretched too far. Whether you’re using your self-managed super fund (SMSF), regular income or other resources, I work with you to make sure that your property investment fits your plan.

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